'It was my fault that I remained in decency', CM Sukhu


cm sukhwinder singh Sukhu addressed the media along with two observers bhupinder singh Hooda and DK Shivakumar, who had come to rescue the congress government from the crisis in Himachal Pradesh. Pratibha Singh was also present during this time. During this time, cm Sukhu hit back at BJP's claims and asked, "Which majority is bjp talking about?" As part of a conspiracy, false news of my resignation was spread. Rebel MLAs will not be able to data-face the people of Himachal. Our government will last for five years. bjp is doing cheap politics. The government is trying to topple it. The public will answer. The mistakes of the rebels can be forgiven. If he wants to join congress, he is welcome. I was missing. I remained in decency.

In the press conference, cm Sukhu said, "The tie that happened after the rajya sabha elections. The slip opened in the name of bjp candidate. Speculations started rife that the government was falling or the government was going. The way bjp did it was never seen before in the culture of Himachal Pradesh. The government session was going on so our budget had to be passed. The news came to me that the chief minister had resigned. Where did this news come from? I refuted it. This news was being spread under a conspiracy so that if there is financial voting, our numbers would reduce.

What majority is bjp talking about on 25 MLAs- cm Sukhu

Accusing bjp of conspiring to topple the government, cm Sukhu continued his talk and said, "I want to ask about which majority bjp is talking about." They have 25 MLAs. Six of our MLAs crossed the vote, three independent MLAs were from BJP's ideology, so we knew that we would vote for them. When our voting took place, they created a ruckus and arrested the marshal first. The hunger for power was making them bent on fighting in some way or the other. CRPF and haryana Police came. Their helicopters kept hovering. The gates of the assembly were broken. 15 MLAs were expelled because they had misbehaved. The Speaker accepted our proposal and six MLAs were expelled. We had not expelled the six MLAs and rebels during the budget session, so why did they not come. He was afraid so he did not come. They were stolen and sent to Haryana. Rebel MLAs will not be able to data-face the public.

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