Congress crisis averted in Himachal, Sukhu will remain CM


The political turmoil that had been going on for three days in Himachal has come to an end. Himachal congress President Pratibha Singh and chief minister sukhwinder singh Sukhu, who were looking angry till now, were seen together. Both of them announced in the press conference to contest the lok sabha elections together. During this, it was also announced to form a coordination committee of 6 members. DK Shivkumar, considered the Congress's trouble-shooter, who was sent to shimla by the party high command, said that we talked to all the congress MLAs. All differences have gone away. We are forming a coordination committee in the government and party organization. This will be announced from Delhi. Everyone is united.

'Regret over rajya sabha election result'

Former haryana chief minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda said that in the rajya sabha elections, the party regrets that the party lost one seat. Consensus has been reached from all the MLAs. From now on we will unite and contest the lok sabha elections. He said, “Coordination committee will be formed. In which there will be 6 people. There will be cm, Deputy cm, PCC President and three others. Their job will be to reach consensus among themselves. No one will make any statement. BJP's Operation lotus will not work here.

Will Sukhu remain CM?

On ABP News' question on sukhwinder singh Sukhu continuing as cm, DK Shivkumar said that there is a congress government in the state and Sukhu is the CM. Hooda said that this is an imaginary question.

We are saddened by the defeat in rajya sabha – Pratibha Singh

Himachal Pradesh congress chief Pratibha Singh said that lok sabha elections are our next challenge. We are saddened by the defeat in Rajya Sabha. The party was strong earlier and is strong even today. Will win all four lok sabha seats of Himachal. We want coordination. There will be senior people in the coordination committee.

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