'If Pratibha Singh wants respect.., Jairam Thakur told News?


Himachal Pradesh leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur spoke to ABP News. He said that if Pratibha Singh and vikramaditya Singh want respect then they should come to Bharatiya Janata Party. Pratibha Singh should not data-face humiliation. cm Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu does not listen to his MLAs. Only congress is responsible for Himachal crisis.

Jairam Thakur said this on the suspension of MLAs

Jai ram Thakur spoke to ABP news about the uncertain situation in the state and said, "The biggest pain is that the government is trying to destroy democracy in this way in Devbhoomi Himachal Pradesh." . The whole country is watching this. The budget session was going on and the opposition MLAs were not heard during the session. Commandos and marshals were deployed. And the budget was to be passed the next day. On the day of budget, he became worried about the fall of the government. In the rajya sabha elections, congress was saying that it had enough MLAs and their votes dropped to 34 votes, whereas we were 25, our votes increased to 34. And then the bjp candidate won. Because of that congress got upset. It was a question of saving the government, hence after the passing of the budget, 15 bjp MLAs were suspended. Because if the budget was not passed, the government would have fallen.

What decision will bjp take on rebel congress MLAs?

Rebel MLAs voted for bjp candidate, what does bjp think about them? On this, Jairam Thakur said, "The MLAs gave their support to the bjp candidate." He was expelled and his membership was terminated. The decision was taken very hastily. The assembly Speaker ruined the dignity of his post. This decision is wrong. We condemn. We have not received a copy of the order. We will test it. After that, legal action can be taken or we will move ahead as per the decision taken by the party leadership. But the country is watching the actions taken by these people to save the government. Our own MLAs left. party President Pratibha Singh is openly saying that a wrong decision is being taken. sonia ji, rahul ji and mallikarjun Kharge ji were discussed but no solution was found.

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