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The problems regarding electricity bills are not showing any signs of decreasing in Madhya Pradesh. Even in Indore, the process regarding improvement in electricity bill has become longer and after the length of this process, people are now facing problems. The situation is that if you want to get the bill rectified then you will have to deposit half the bill amount in advance. Actually, earlier the correction of bills between Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 used to be done at the zone level, but now the bills are being corrected from the office of the Superintending Engineer. Due to which it is taking more time and people are also getting worried. However, the electricity company does not agree with this.

In Madhya Pradesh, the previous kamal nath government had talked about giving 100 units for Rs 100. Following that, the bjp government also continued the scheme and even now people are being given 100 units for Rs 100, but meanwhile the problems regarding electricity bills are not reducing. If your meter is faulty or there is some fault in the meter, apart from this, if you complain that the bill has come high and it should be reduced, then you may have to give one month to 3 months time for this.

Now there is improvement in electricity bill here

In fact, no major step has been taken yet to improve electricity bills. Earlier, corrections were made at the zone level itself and the power to correct bills up to Rs 5000 was given to the local zone, but now this right has been taken away from the officers and now the process of correcting electricity bills is being done by the Superintendence. The engineer is from the office.

That means, if you want to get correction done even in a bill of Rs 1000, you will have to wait for the file to reach the Superintendent Mechanical office and then come back. Meanwhile, you will also have to deposit a certain amount of the bill, or rather, after depositing half of the bill, the correction process starts and if the bill is less then it can be adjusted in the future.

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