Why vote for BJP? Rajnath Singh explained the reason in Sitamarhi...

Union Defense minister cum senior bjp leader rajnath singh had reached Sitamarhi on Wednesday. During this he said why vote for bjp only? Because bjp is a 'trusted' party. Its track record so far has been very good. bjp has been in power at the Center for 10 years. PM Modi's tenure has been excellent. Why vote for BJP? Because its There is no corruption in the government. Before the year 2014, there was a congress government at the center. There were allegations of corruption against the government. At the same time, there is a government of PM Modi at the center, on which no one in the country or abroad has the stain of corruption. Couldn't put it.

Rajnath Singh had reached Sitamarhi for the first time

Union minister cum former National President of bjp, Singh had reached Sitamarhi, the birthplace of Janak Nandani Sita Maa, for the first time. He offered prayers at Maa Janaki temple located in Punaura. After this, Singh performed aarti at Sita Kund in the temple premises. After this, he participated in the 'Intellectual Dialogue' program at Dwarka Palace in the city. Where first of all Singh paid tribute to BJP's founding members Shyama prasad Mukherjee and Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay by offering flowers on their oil paintings.

Mentioned about PM Modi's tenure

Former bjp President Singh said that he got the opportunity to visit the place of Mata Janaki and bow his head at the feet of the mother. Leaders of different parties say one thing and do something else. bjp is the only party which does what it says. He had prepared the manifesto of bjp in the 2014 lok sabha elections. Modi ji was declared the PM candidate. Modiji had told him that there should not be anything in the manifesto which we all could not fulfill. He was the home minister in the 2019 public elections. Even then Modi ji had entrusted him with the responsibility of preparing the party's manifesto.

Whatever was said in both the manifestos was fulfilled. Like the promise of removing article 370 from kashmir was fulfilled. When the government was formed, it was said that the practice of triple talaq would be abolished, it was accomplished.

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