Jitu Patwari cornered Mohan govt, made this demand...

Madhya Pradesh congress President Jitu Patwari said that the recent change in weather has caused huge damage to crops in Madhya Pradesh. In many parts of the state, strong winds and rain along with hail from monday to tuesday night have most affected the wheat, gram and mustard crops in the fields. Hail has fallen in Narmadapuram, Khandwa, Chhindwara, Sehore, Tikamgarh, Betul, Chhatarpur and Niwari districts. In some districts, the crops harvested in the fields got submerged in water. Farmers fear that now the grains may turn black. The state government should take cognizance of this and issue a relief package to the affected farmers.

Loss in more than 10 districts

PCC Chief Patwari, citing media reports, said that till tuesday evening, there was heavy rain, storm and hailstorm in 10 districts of the state including bhopal and Satna. Maximum one inch of water fell in Naugaon and Satna of Chhatarpur district. Rewa received half an inch of rain, bhopal, Raisen and Sidhi received more than half an inch of rain. It also rained in Ujjain, Shajapur, Betul, Raisen, Khajuraho.

The Meteorological Department has predicted rain, storm and hail in most areas of the state in the next few hours. Patwari said that Pachmarhi and Shivpuri have also received a lot of rain for crops. Hail has damaged crops in Khajuraho. Hail has fallen in Itarsi, Dolariya, Patlai and Seoni Malwa of Narmadapuram.

Hail of 50 grams in Itarsi

Patwari said that there is information about hailstorm weighing up to 50 grams in the plains of Itarsi. More than 10 villages of Harsud and Chhanera tehsil in Khandwa have been affected by hail. In some villages of Harsud tehsil, 100 percent damage to crops is being reported. Heavy rains in Shahpur, Bhaunra and Chicholi in Betul have caused damage to standing and harvested crops in the fields.

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