Now the headquarters of endowment department will move...

Chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has taken a big decision regarding the Religious Trust and Endowment Department. The directorate of this department will now be removed from bhopal and shifted to cm Dr. Mohan Yadav's home district Ujjain. cm has sent a notesheet in this regard to the department. The department has sent the proposal to minister Dharmendra Singh Lodhi for administrative approval. Let us tell you that this directorate organizes various religious and cultural fairs including pilgrimage. At present the Directorate of Religious Trust and Endowment Department operates in Satpura Bhawan, Bhopal.

Simhastha behind shifting

The reason behind the shifting of the headquarters is being attributed to the Simhastha being organized in Ujjain. Simhastha is organized in ujjain every 12 years. august Simhastha is to be held in 2028, Religious Trust and Endowment Department will play a big role in it. After the headquarters of the Religious Trust and Endowment Department is shifted to ujjain, the entire staff will sit there. However, the Principal Secretary and other staff of the department will sit in bhopal only.

Preparations being made for shifting

According to E Ramesh, Principal Secretary of the Religious Trust and Endowment Department, as per the intention of the government, action is being taken to shift the Religious Trust and Endowment Department Directorate to Ujjain.

Mohan cabinet may come to see Ramlala

Mohan cabinet of madhya pradesh will come to ayodhya on march 4 to have the darshan of ram Lalla. In this, chief minister Mohan Yadav and all the ministers of the state will participate. According to the information, senior bjp leaders can also come to ayodhya along with the cabinet. After the darshan of Ramlala, there will be a cabinet meeting in Ayodhya. Preparations for this have also started.

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