'If you want to send me off, I will...', Kamal Nath's emotional appeal...

Former chief minister kamal nath reached Harrai on the second day of his Chhindwara tour, where while addressing a public meeting, he fiercely attacked BJP. kamal nath said whether bjp has the lease of ram temple? This temple belongs to everyone, this temple is built with public money. Apart from this, he also made an emotional appeal to the public.

Kamal Nath told the people of Chhindwara, "I built the biggest Hanuman temple in Chhindwara 12 years ago. We do not bring ram on the political platform." Further, while giving a speech, kamal nath made an emotional appeal to the public and said, "If you want to see me off, I am ready. I will not impose myself on you, bjp is campaigning very aggressively but do not be afraid of them, it is just They show off. I have full faith in you and hope that a new development journey of Chhindwara will begin."

Kamalnath's son Nakulnath is mp from Chhindwara.

Actually, former chief minister Kamal Nath's son nakul Nath is the mp from Chhindwara and it is believed that this time too only nakul Nath can get the ticket from Chhindwara. Due to this, kamal nath has intensified his tours in Chhindwara.

There were reports of kamal nath joining BJP.

Let us tell you that recently the news had come out that kamal nath can join bjp along with his son nakul Nath and some colleagues, there were many statements regarding this from madhya pradesh to Delhi. However, kamal nath denied such reports and said that he is not joining bjp and will remain in Congress.

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