Equations for 10 Rajya Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh changing every moment


Currently Jansatta Dal Loktantrik leader and Kunda mla Raghuraj Pratap Singh raja Bhaiya has taken a big decision. raja Bhaiya, who arrived at the training being held at Lok Bhavan a day before voting, said that both his MLAs will vote for the bjp candidate. The victory of all eight candidates is certain. Apart from this, raja Bhaiya will attend the dinner of bharatiya janata party led nda on monday evening.

Perhaps after this statement of raja Bhaiya, Uttar Pradesh Deputy cm Keshav prasad Maurya also made a big claim. Keshav Maurya has said that our preparations are complete. In any case, eight out of eight candidates will go to Rajya Sabha. bjp believes in sabka saath, sabka vikas. However, with this decision of raja Bhaiya, the equations have changed for the Samajwadi Party.

Moreover in the 403-member assembly, at present there are 108 MLAs from Samajwadi Party, 252 from bharatiya janata party, 6 from Nishad Party, 6 from SubhaSP, 13 from Apna Dal SK, 2 from raja Bhaiya's Party, 1 from BSP. Out of these, four seats are vacant. In this situation, the total number of MLAs for voting is 399. However, 2 MLAs, Irfan Solanki and abbas Ansari respectively, are in jail and the court has not given them permission to go to the assembly to vote, hence the total number of votes has come down to 397.

For all 10 seats, 37 votes are required per rajya sabha seat. While bjp needs 8 more votes, SP needs 6. It is claimed that along with raja Bhaiya, BSP's only mla is Umashankar Singh. congress has 2 MLAs with SP. Apart from this, it is believed that some MLAs may allegedly do cross voting which may affect SP. SubhaSP leader OP Rajbhar had claimed that gayatri Prajapati's wife Maharaji will also vote for the nda candidate.

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