Political uproar over delay in Bihar’s cabinet expansion


Reportedly nda government was formed in bihar a month ago. chief minister nitish kumar took oath as chief minister for the ninth time in collaboration with BJP. Eight leaders including bjp, JDU, Hindustani Awam Morcha and independents had taken oath as ministers. However, the cabinet has not been expanded yet. The situation prevailing in bihar regarding cabinet expansion is the same situation which was seen in rajasthan about two months ago. The question is whether bjp is moving on the lines of Rajasthan?

Perhaps in fact, there was a delay in the cabinet expansion in rajasthan also. The cabinet was expanded 15 days after the swearing-in. In such a situation, political discussion has also started on whether bjp is going to do the same in bihar on the same stand on which it has expanded the cabinet in Rajasthan? What is the meaning of delay?

Moreover there has been a political uproar over the delay in cabinet expansion in Bihar. Whatever be the stand of bjp, a phase of political rhetoric has begun on the delay in cabinet expansion. Last sunday (February 25), former Deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav had said that the cabinet expansion could not be done in a month. What is the reason behind this? All important works are getting delayed, cm should answer about this. A few days ago, bihar Congress state president Akhilesh prasad Singh had also told nitish kumar and bjp the reason for not expanding the cabinet.

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