know which rituals the Prime Minister is following?


PM Modi's rituals continue before pran Pratistha, know which rituals the prime minister is following?

PM Modi: PM Modi has been following many practices as part of his rituals for 11 days. He has also been visiting temples in different parts of the country for the last few days.

Ram Mandir Opening

Before the pran Pratistha ceremony to be held in ayodhya on january 22, prime minister Narendra Modi has pledged to perform rituals for 11 days. For the rituals, he is following many practices prescribed in the holy scriptures. He is sleeping on the floor covered with a blanket and drinking only coconut water. Apart from this, PM worships cows and also feeds fodder to cows every day.

He also does various types of 'donations' daily, which includes 'Annadaan', and donating clothes etc. As a devoted ram devotee, the prime minister has also been visiting temples in different parts of the country over the past few days, including Ramkund and Sri Kalaram temple in Nashik, Veerabhadra temple in Andhra Pradesh, Guruvayur temple in kerala and Thriprayar Sri Ramaswamy Temple. Are.

Similarly, he will visit temples in tamil Nadu in the next two days. These temples not only serve to unite different parts of the country, but they also have a deep connection with Lord Ram.

PM Modi is listening to Ramayana

It is considered important for the prime minister to visit temples across the country, listen to Ramayana in many languages, and participate in bhajans in temples. The PM's efforts are also aimed at strengthening the indian socio-cultural fabric in line with his vision of 'One India, Best India'.

Prime minister launches Swachh Teerth Initiative

Recently, PM Modi also started the Swachh Teerth initiative and led it. On january 12, he cleaned the premises of Shri Kalaram temple in Nashik. After this initiative of the PM, lakhs of people voluntarily took up the task of cleaning the temples. The enthusiastic participation of people from all regions of the country has been seen in this movement.

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