What is KA Paul’s sensational corruption allegations..!?

According to sources Praja Shanti party chief KA Paul made the sensational allegations while addressing the media in Delhi. Attacking prime minister Modi, he made serious allegations against JD Lakshminarayana. He said that if Modi contests for parliament from Telangana, he will enter the fray as a telugu to defeat him in a landslide. JD lakshmi Narayana to start new party RSS, bjp about Rs. 1000 crores was allegedly given.

Praja Shanti party chief KA Paul made sensational comments. Modi govt lashed out. He spoke in support of the congress government in Telangana. Ex-bureaucrat JD Lakshminarayan was also severely criticized. KA Paul spoke to the media in Delhi. He said that Praja Shanti party will get another symbol and it will only stir up dust in the next elections. JD Lakshminarayana wants to start a new party, for this purpose RSS and bjp have given him about Rs. KA Paul made serious allegations that he had given 1000 crores. He said that the central and state governments have incurred huge debts. He explained that no one can clear these debts, it will be possible only with him. These governments are accused of not paying at least interest on the debts they have incurred. Mandi said that diverting the topic and spending time giving other excuses.

KA Paul said that there are reports that prime minister Narendra Modi will contest from secunderabad or Malkajigiri in Telangana, and if he really contests from Telangana, he will show his telugu Vadi Satta. He claimed that he would defeat Modi by a landslide. He explained that in the past, the Modi government had invited him and offered to take over the duties of the Union External Affairs Minister, but he refused.

KA Paul reminded that the congress party had given six guarantees in Telangana. He said that the congress government will implement these six guarantees and he is the guarantee for that. He appealed to people to give a person like him a chance to speak in Parliament.

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