Why Anand Mohan met Chief Minister Nitish Kumar?


Accordingly former mp anand Mohan along with his wife Lovely anand went to the cm residence on wednesday (December 27) morning and met chief minister Nitish Kumar. Many kinds of speculations started being made regarding their meeting. Discussion started that anand Mohan can join JDU. However, after meeting nitish kumar, anand Mohan said a big thing. On the question of journalists whether he will contest the lok sabha elections? On this anand Mohan said that what is the question of not contesting the elections. When you are in politics, there is no question of not contesting elections.

After meeting the cm, anand Mohan said that the meeting with nitish kumar was good. This was a courtesy meeting. It doesn't make any sense. We have been meeting regularly. On the question that there is a discussion that you can come with JDU, anand Mohan said that there has been no discussion on all this today.

anand Mohan said that we are old friends. We have a connection with the 1974 movement. Has been associated with JP movement. Can you be seen with nitish kumar in the coming times? On this the former mp said that whatever happens, we will talk about it further. There is sure to be an uproar in the political circles after anand Mohan's statement about contesting the elections. It remains to be seen whether he joins JDU and fights as an independent. Although he did not say anything on which seat he would contest from, but talking about his entry into politics, in 1990, Janata Dal had fielded him from Mahishi assembly seat. They were victorious. Has been a former MP. Once again it has been said in gestures that if you are in politics then the question of not contesting elections does not arise.

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