All three BJP MLAs from Deeg district reached the Assembly

There are three assembly seats in Deeg district of Rajasthan. In the assembly elections 2023, bharatiya janata party MLAs have reached the assembly by winning all three seats. congress has been wiped out from Deeg district. Although the then chief minister Ashok Gehlot had given a gift to Deeg by making it a new district, yet the people of Deeg district have wiped out the Congress.

Deeg district has three assembly constituencies: Kaman, nagar and Deeg-Kumher. In the 2018 elections, congress candidate won 2 seats and BSP candidate won one seat from the city assembly. BSP mla Wajib ali later merged with Congress. There were congress MLAs on all three seats. Now in the 2023 elections, bjp candidates have won all three assembly seats and congress candidates have lost. Now all three MLAs are in the race to become ministers.

All three bjp MLAs of Deeg district have reached the assembly for the first time after winning the elections. bjp has got full majority in Rajasthan. bharatiya janata party has made Bhajan Lal Sharma the Chief Minister. chief minister Bhajanlal Sharma is a resident of Bharatpur. The cabinet has not been formed yet in Rajasthan. That's why all the bjp MLAs are trying to cast their stake to become ministers.

Jawahar Singh has reached the city assembly seat by winning the seat with impunity. jawahar Singh has become mla for the first time. In the year 2018, jawahar Singh had contested elections from Kaman assembly seat and lost. bharatiya janata party had fielded jawahar Singh in the 2023 elections by giving him ticket from the city assembly seat. jawahar Singh has become mla for the first time by winning the elections. jawahar Singh Bedham has also been the Chairman of Dang Development Board in Vasundhara's government. He has also held many positions in the organization and is considered to have a good hold on the organization. That's why jawahar Singh is in the race for the post of minister.

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