Manoj Jarange will hold a big meeting in Beed


Manoj Jarange had held a meeting yesterday in about 100 acres of land in Beed, maharashtra regarding maratha reservation. Manoj Jarange will clarify the situation as to what was discussed with the government. The government delegation kept meeting him for two consecutive days and asked for time till February. Today Jarange will clarify his next strategy. Beed police has made strict security arrangements for this. More than 1800 police personnel have been deployed. police has also given notice to hundreds of maratha leaders and workers for the meeting.

maratha worker's claim

Social activist Manoj Jarange, who is demanding reservation, on friday stressed that 80 percent of the battle for maratha reservation has been won and the reservation battle is now in its final stages. Jarange said that the maharashtra government has only two days left to fulfill the demand. Addressing a packed rally at Selu in Parbhani district in the state's Marathwada region, Jarange asked people to exercise caution.

What did Manoj Jarange say?

Jarange said that the time has come to get reservation for the maratha community. Jarange said, “80 percent of the battle has been won.” Our fight is now in its final stages. "Jarange had gone on indefinite hunger strike twice this year demanding reservation for the maratha community. He said that the government was earlier given 40 days to resolve the issue but nothing happened. Later, the government was given time till december 24 to solve this problem.

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