Uddhav and Raj Thackeray seen in one frame, discussed in political circles


Since the split in shiv sena, Shiv Sainiks and Mansainiks across the state have been wanting that uddhav thackeray and raj Thackeray should come together. Not in state politics, but today uddhav thackeray and raj Thackeray were seen together in a family function. Both brothers were seen in the same frame at a private event. raj Thackeray and uddhav thackeray came together in this family program. The appearance of MNS president raj Thackeray and shiv sena faction chief uddhav thackeray together in this program has sparked discussions in political circles. The entire thackeray family was present in this Sakhpuda ceremony. This Sakhpuda ceremony was organized in a hall in Dadar, Mumbai. raj Thackeray and uddhav thackeray were seen together in this family event.

thackeray brothers seen together

According to ABP Majha, for the last several days it has been seen that due to a family program, the wishes of Shiv Sainiks and Mansainiks of maharashtra have been fulfilled. In the political developments taking place in maharashtra for the last several days, workers of both the parties are demanding the unity of the two brothers. In this background today's visit is saying a lot. On this occasion, uddhav thackeray met the entire thackeray family. According to some people who attended the Sakhpuda function, there was a conversation between the two brothers raj Thackeray and uddhav thackeray during the program.

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