'Fast and Furious' actor Vin Diesel in trouble, assistant accuses..?


A big news has come out about 'Fast and Furious' actor Vin Diesel. The actor has been accused of sexual harassment by his ex-assistant Asta Johnson. Along with this, Johnson has also filed a case in Los Angeles on Thursday. In this complaint, the assistant has made many serious allegations against the actor.

Ex-assistant made serious allegations against the actor

The assistant has accused Vin diesel of sexually assaulting her during the shooting of the film Fast Five in Atlanta in 2010. The assistant told that she used to work with him at that time and managed everything there. After being free from the shooting, Vin diesel called him to his hotel room. After coming inside, Vin had performed obscene acts in front of her.

Assistant Johnson has also told that he has tried to force himself on her several times. But in 2010, the actor crossed all limits. Johnson told that Vin diesel had returned from a club party and after going into her room, he tried to force himself on her. Vin had pulled her onto the bed and then removed her clothes. Johnson told in the complaint that diesel was holding her so tight that she was not even able to run away.

Have worked with deepika Padukone

Johnson has also stated in the complaint that she screamed when diesel tried to remove her undergarments. But during this time she was also afraid that if she went against Vin diesel, she would be fired from the job. But somehow she escaped from there. Let us tell you that deepika padukone has also worked with Vin Diesel. Both the actors were seen in the film XXX.

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