Sentence in 15 year old case, Aman said - 'Membership of my assembly...'


Punjab cabinet minister Aman Arora has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by Sunam court in a family dispute case. However, he has also got bail from the court. Aman Arora was accused by one of his relatives of breaking into the house and attacking him. On the other hand, Aman Arora's reaction has come on the court's decision.  While talking to the media, Arora said, "The court has sentenced him to 2 years and along with him, his 85 year old mother has also been sentenced. The court has given its verdict, I welcome it, but its I will appeal in the district court.

The AAP minister said, "Whatever allegations have been made by his brother-in-law Rajendra Deepa. He is completely wrong. There was no attack from our side that day. Instead, we were attacked by my brother-in-law, in which I was also injured and admitted to the hospital. Aman Arora said, "My mother was punished, which is very painful."

 Aman Arora's brother-in-law is the leader of Shiromani Akali Dal.

Aman Arora said, "Whether my assembly membership is rejected or not will be the decision of our chief minister Bhagwat Singh, Assembly's Sapikar and party convenor Arvind Kejriwal." Whatever has to be done as per the law, it will be a legal decision.'' Aman Arora accused his brother-in-law and said that Rajendra deepa created such a big ruckus only because of politics. We had an agreement then, but when I got the ticket from the congress party, they got angry and again broke their agreement and made this allegation against me and my mother.'' This incident is said to have happened in 2008. In this case, Aman Arora's brother-in-law who is also the leader of Shiromani Akali Dal. He said that even though this decision came late, it came right.

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