Bhupendra Hooda's reaction on seat sharing in Lok Sabha elections


The statement of congress leader bhupinder singh Hooda has come amid the ongoing tussle over seat sharing in the opposition alliance 'India' (I.N.D.I.A. Alliance). He said that it has to be seen which party in haryana makes what claims and on what basis. Regarding seat distribution before the lok sabha elections, Hooda said that let's see who claims what, what is the basis of that claim, what are its criteria, for this we will sit and decide, otherwise we all Will claim 10 (Lok Sabha) seats.

When Bhupendra Singh Hooda was asked whether indian National Lok Dal (INLD) could also be a part of the opposition 'India' alliance. On this, Hooda said, "This is not yet part of the alliance and it is for them (senior leaders of the alliance) to decide." He said I have no objection to anyone. At Tuesday's meeting of the constituent parties of the 'India' alliance, congress President mallikarjun Kharge said that seat-sharing talks will be held at the state level and if any issue arises, the alliance leadership will resolve it.

'Aam Aadmi party has no base in Haryana'

Hooda had said in september that his party is capable of winning both the lok sabha and assembly elections on its own. He had also said that congress will contest all the 10 lok sabha seats of haryana in next year's general elections. Former haryana Chief minister Hooda had then also claimed that aam aadmi party has no base in the state, hence it has no stake in the seat sharing exercise.

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