No one can stop India from becoming biggest power, said CM Yogi!!!


Chief minister Yogi Adityanath inaugurated the mp Khel Mahakumbh 3.0 in Basti district on Wednesday. On

the inaugural occasion, he said that sports are being encouraged in the country through events like mp Sports

Competition or Khelo india Khelo and Fit india Movement. The process of building one sports center in each

district has been started through the government of India. Uttar Pradesh has also resolved that we will increase

programs for sports and players. There will be a playground in every village, along with every field there will

also be an open gym. Construction of a stadium in every district and a mini stadium in every development block

is going on war footing.

mp Khel Mahakumbh 3.0 launched

Chief minister Yogi welcomed bjp National President jp nadda who arrived at the program. He mentioned the

efforts being made by the Uttar Pradesh government to promote sports. He said that the Uttar Pradesh

government has so far given government jobs to 500 players. The process of recruitment in different categories

of police has been taken forward. 500 new posts are being created under sports quota. A provision of 2 percent

reservation has been made in sports quota. He congratulated the medal winning players. Encouraging the players,

he said that if they make good efforts, they will get the opportunity to participate in the next mp Sports

Competition as well as league competitions of different sports in the state.

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