Congress gave this big responsibility to Ashok Gehlot?

Before the lok sabha elections 2024, congress has formed the National Alliance Committee on Tuesday

(December 19). This is a five-member committee. This committee has been formed to organize meetings and

discussions for alliance with other parties in the lok sabha elections. In this, former cm of rajasthan ashok Gehlot

and former cm of chhattisgarh bhupesh baghel have also been given important responsibilities. Who were leading

the party in the recent assembly elections held in their respective states. In this congress team, former Union

Minister salman Khurshid and party general secretary Mohan Prakash have also got big responsibilities. While

senior party leader Mukul Wasnik has been appointed its convener.

Congress gave this information regarding the formation of the committee

The information has been given by congress General Secretary KC Venugopal by issuing a press release on

Tuesday. Venugopal said, For the lok sabha elections 2024, the National President of congress has formed the

National Alliance Committee with immediate effect. ashok gehlot, bhupesh baghel, salman Khurshid and Mohan

Prakash will be the members of this committee while Mukul Wasnik has been appointed as the convener. Congress

may have lost the assembly elections in rajasthan and chhattisgarh, but ashok gehlot and bhupesh baghel have

been deprived of the lok sabha elections. By giving responsibility in the associated committee, the party has given

a big message to both its supporters and opponents.

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