A young man entered court room with gun, Police will encounter, save me?

A shocking incident came to light in Pratapgarh district court on Monday. During the hearing in the court room, a

young man went in front of the judge with a pistol. Everyone was shocked after seeing this. The police also came

into action. Before the police could do anything, that young man did something that left everyone stunned. Actually

this young man had committed the firing incident and since then he was absconding. He reached court on Monday.

This person said that he was afraid of a police encounter, to avoid which he approached the court.

Kept hiding in the fields all night due to fear of police

The name of the accused youth is salman and he lives in Malwa Colony of Pratapgarh city. The accused deals in

meat. A day earlier he had opened fire on a person in a business dispute, but no one got hurt during this. Since then

he was absconding. Kotwali police had formed a team to search for him. The accused salman kept hiding in the

fields around the city throughout the night. Then in the morning he appeared in the court. During this, the following

conversation took place between the judge and the accused-

Judge: Tell me what is the incident?

Accused: The incident is that it is a matter of my business and the person in front of me had threatened to kill me. I

have a fish shop.

Judge: Why did you bring this pistol to the court?

Accused: Because I made a big mistake sir, I have come to surrender. If I didn't use it, he would kill me.

Judge: You kept the pistol on the desk in front of the judge, would you have shot the judge?

Accused: I am confessing my crime and there is no cartridge inside it.

Judge: Our lives are in danger, aren't they?

Accused: Sir, there is no cartridge in it, one was fired there and the other was used to commit suicide. There were

only two. When the police was taking the accused into custody and taking him to the police station, the accused

while talking to the media said that I was afraid that the police would encounter me. So I surrendered myself before

the judge.

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