When will the Bhajan government fulfill the promises?

The time has come to fulfill the promises made by bjp to woo the public before the rajasthan Assembly elections.

For this, the Bhajan government is planning to take many big steps. chief minister Bhajanlal Sharma has given

instructions that officers of all departments should prepare a 100-day action plan and present it within 10 days. On

Monday, december 18, cm Bhajan Lal said that strict law and order along with women's safety are the priorities of

this government. rajasthan has to be made a corruption free state. There is zero tolerance policy against corruption


Actually, cm Bhajan Lal was holding a meeting with senior officials of all the departments of the secretariat when

he reminded them of the zero tolerance policy against corruption. He said that rajasthan government will work only

following this policy of PM Modi. We have to give our full contribution in the efforts that prime minister Modi is

making to spread the light of development across Rajasthan.

Action will also be taken against those hiding corruption

CM Bhajan Lal also said that officers and employees who protect the corrupt will also not be spared. The main

objective of the government should be to fulfill the promises made to the public in the BJP's manifesto. This will

work as a policy maker for you. In the next 100 days, some effective steps will have to be taken which will help in

fulfilling all the resolutions. Along with this, cm Bhajan Lal claims that BJP's schemes will be implemented

effectively and will reach the common people. For this, work will be done at the grassroots level. Any kind of

corruption will not be tolerated in administration.

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