After the defeat, Abhimanyu again filled the enthusiasm in Sachin faction


After the crushing defeat of congress in the rajasthan assembly elections, peace has started to dissipate. The party

is now preparing to write a new political script. Actually, the opportunity is new. Sangaria’s new mla Abhimanyu

Poonia has been made the state president of youth Congress. abhimanyu belongs to sachin pilot group.

According to the information, he got the ticket this time also because of Sachin Pilot. After winning the election

by a huge margin of votes, abhimanyu had moved to Delhi.

He met all the senior leaders in Delhi. Declaring the result of the post of President which had been pending for

eight months, the congress high command has made him the President of rajasthan youth Congress. Since then,

congress leaders supporting sachin pilot are in high spirits. The process of congratulations is going on

continuously on social media. On the other hand, there is silence in ashok Gehlot's camp. Most of their vocal

leaders have lost the elections.

Big defeat for advisors and supporters

Babulal Nagar, Sanyam Lodha, rajkumar sharma and Niranjan Arya, who were advisors to ashok Gehlot, have

suffered a crushing defeat. Along with this, cabinet Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas has lost in the elections.

On the other hand, cabinet Minister Mahesh Joshi did not contest the elections at all. Alok Beniwal, Krishna

Poonia, all of them have lost. congress President Govind Singh Dotasara has won. But, he too is quiet now and

keeping an eye on the political developments. In such a situation, on the other hand, lokesh Sharma, who was

OSD to the Chief Minister, has made many big revelations. Many reasons for the defeat have also been

enumerated. Therefore, there is a period of silence going on in the Gehlot camp.

Both victory and enthusiasm in the pilot camp

There is both victory and enthusiasm in Sachin Pilot's camp. Because, Sachin Pilot's most important people

Mukesh Bhakar, Ramnivas Gavadiya, abhimanyu Poonia, Vikas Chaudhary, prashant Sharma, manish Yadav,

Harish Meena, Brijendra Ola, murari Meena have won the elections. Sachin is a special mla who was much

talked about in the Gehlot government. Some of these elections were also lost. But, this time all of them have won

by a huge margin of votes. That's why there is enthusiasm in Sachin's camp. Now the demand for making Sachin

the president has started rising in Rajasthan.

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