Big relief to Congress leader Digvijay Singh, High Court stays FIR


Digvijaya Singh News: Digvijay Singh has got a big relief from the high court yesterday. The high court has stayed

the five FIRs registered against him. The high court has stayed the FIR registered against Digvijay Singh.

Digvijay Singh had filed a petition in the high court against the registration of five FIRs. Five FIRs were

registered on the same case. It was argued in the petition that five FIRs cannot be filed on the same case.

The high court has stopped only one FIR and has again put a stay on all the others. Digvijay Singh had posted on

his social media about the views of Guru Golwalkar. bjp had lodged an FIR against Digvijay Singh in the police

stations regarding the post.

Digvijay Singh's lawyer gave argument

Digvijay Singh's lawyer Vibhor Khandelwal, while appearing in the court of Judge Sanjay Dwivedi, argued that

two or more FIRs cannot be registered for the same act, but still the government has taken malicious action against

his party. Khandelwal presented several judgments of the supreme court and requested the high court to grant

interim relief to Digvijay Singh.

The FIR filed against Digvijay Singh has been delayed by the High Court. Digvijay Singh had petitioned the High

court to stop five FIRs from being registered. For the same crime, five FIRs were filed. Five FIRs cannot be filed

on the same case, it was contended in the petition. Just one FIR has been stopped by the high court, and all others

have once more been placed on hold. Digvijay Singh discussed Guru Golwalkar's opinions on social media. About

the post, the bjp had filed a formal complaint (FIR) at the police stations against Digvijay Singh.

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