These names are almost finalized for cabinet expansion in Madhya Pradesh


After the bumper victory of bjp in madhya pradesh and the oath of chief minister and Deputy chief minister,

now all eyes are on the cabinet of the state. Everyone is curious to know which leaders will get a place in the

cabinet. Also, which ministry will be given to which leader. Meanwhile, news has come that some names have

been discussed for the post of minister in Madhya Pradesh. According to sources, a total of 22 ministers will be

made in Madhya Pradesh. However, these names are still probable and have not been officially announced.

Probable minister of Madhya Pradesh

1. Rameshwar Sharma

2. Ramesh Mendola

3. Govind Rajput

4. Riti Pathak

5. Sanjay Pathak

6. krishna Gaur

7. hari Singh Raghuvanshi

8. Sarla Rawat

9. Neena Verma

10. Pradumna Tomar

11. Abhilash Pandey

12. Dhirendra Bahadur Singh

13. Sampatia Uike

14. Chetanya Kashyap

On the first day of the first session of the 16th assembly of madhya pradesh, the newly elected MLAs are taking

oath. First, cm Dr. Mohan Yadav took oath, after which leader of Opposition Umang Singhar took oath. In the

assembly session, oath is being administered to the newly elected MLAs by Protem Speaker Gopal Bhargava. First

the oath was taken by cm Dr. Mohan Yadav. After that, oath was taken by deputy cm Jagdish Deora, Deputy

cm Rajendra Shukla, leader of Opposition Umang Singhar and former cm Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

During the session, MLAs will be sworn in for the first two days. The election of the President will be held on

Wednesday. bjp has 163 members in the assembly, hence the election will be held unopposed. bjp has decided

the name of former Union minister and Dimani elected narendra singh tomar for the post of President. For the

first time, narendra singh tomar will become the Speaker of the assembly from Gwalior-Chambal region. Till

now, most of the time the president has been elected from Vindhya and Mahakoshal region.

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