Giriraj Singh’s big statement on fourth meeting of I.N.D.I.A alliance

The fourth meeting of the Indie Coalition is scheduled to be held on december 19. This meeting is considered very

important. Three meetings have taken place before this. In the fourth meeting, all the parties demand that seat

sharing should be discussed. A few days ago, bihar Finance minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary had also demanded

that in the meeting of india Alliance, there should be talk of seat sharing as to who will contest from where and on

how many seats. While talking to the media at patna Airport on friday (December 15), Union minister Giriraj

Singh took a dig at this meeting.

Giriraj Singh echoed Vijay Kumar Choudhary regarding the Indie Alliance meeting to be held on december 19

and said that this meeting is being held for participation. He said that in this meeting it will be about who will get

how much share. This meeting is being held for the sake of participation, not for the welfare of the country. When

these people talk about one-to-one elections, we want to ask, where will there not be one-to-one elections?

The Union minister said that in Rajasthan, chhattisgarh and madhya pradesh also, one-to-one assembly elections

were held and there will be one-to-one elections in lok sabha also. Apart from this, one-to-one elections will also

be held in almost all the states including Maharashtra, West Bengal, Assam, bihar, Gujarat. These people are

deceiving the people of the country. These people are immersed in corruption and have united among themselves

to save them.

What did Giriraj say on the security of parliament House?

On the other hand, on the security issue of parliament house, giriraj singh said that Union home minister Amit

Shah has said that there will be an investigation. Soon the curtain will be raised on this and everything will be

revealed. The tool kit will be exposed. Before this there was a farmer movement. The tool kit was exposed in it.

You will see in this also that it is going to be exposed soon.

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