CJI listened to the plea of Banda woman judge, sought report on the letter

A woman judicial officer posted in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh has written a letter to Chief Justice DY

Chandrachud, accusing a district judge of sexual harassment and seeking permission to end her life in a dignified

manner'. After this, Chief Justice Chandrachud sought a report from the allahabad High court administration on

the status of the investigation. In her two-page letter, the lady judicial officer has sought permission from the Chief

Justice to end her life after the misbehavior and harassment she (the lady judicial officer) data-faced during her posting

in Barabanki. This letter is being circulated on social media, in which it is written, "I do not wish to live anymore. I

have been like a living corpse for the last one and a half years. Now there is no purpose for my survival. Please

allow me to end my life in a dignified manner.”

Complaint of female judicial officer is being considered

According to sources in the top court, the Secretary General of the supreme court, on the orders of the Chief

Justice, has asked the Registrar General of the allahabad High court to inform about the status of proceedings

before the Internal Complaints Committee considering the complaint of the woman judicial officer. The woman

judge had earlier filed a petition in the apex court, which came up for hearing before a bench of Justices Hrishikesh

Roy and sandeep Mehta.

Awaiting approval from Chief Justice of allahabad HC

The bench had dismissed the petition saying that the matter is under consideration of the Internal Complaints

Committee and a resolution has been passed which is awaiting the approval of the Chief Justice of allahabad High


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