Assembly session will start from today amidst three-tier security cordon

The first session of madhya pradesh assembly will start from Monday. The official said on sunday that during

the four-day session of the 16th assembly, the newly elected MLAs will take oath (swearing-in) and necessary

business of the house will take place. The session will end on december 21. The assembly session will start at 11

am on Monday. He said that the newly elected MLAs (MLAs) will be sworn in during the first two days, while

the election of the assembly Speaker will be held on Wednesday, the third day of the session.

The official said that apart from the election of the assembly Speaker, the governor will also address the House

on Wednesday. He said that on the last day, Thursday, apart from discussing the motion of thanks on the

Governor's address, necessary government work will be done. Principal Secretary of the assembly, ap Singh, has

directed the police to tighten security in the assembly building here in view of the recent lapse in security of the


Assembly security will increase

AP Singh said that only one member of the family of newly elected MLAs will be allowed to enter the house on

submission of Aadhaar card. A police official said around 1,000 security personnel would be deployed in and

around the state assembly and there would be three-tier security. assembly Speaker Gopal Bhargava, the senior

most mla of the ruling bharatiya janata party (BJP), will administer the oath of office to the new MLAs and

conduct the proceedings of the house before the election of the assembly Speaker.

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