Education mafia Bacha Yadav came forward after ED action...

Topper scam mastermind Bacha Rai came in front of the camera for the first time after the ED raid in Vaishali

district of Bihar. Bachha Rai was brought on a wheel chair due to ill health. amit Kumar alias Bacha Rai termed

ED’s action wrong. He told that the Rs 3 crore cash recovered in the ED raid was the fees taken from the students

who enrolled in the B.Ed college. Which could not be deposited in the bank due to technical problem. Which was

kept safe in the college secretary’s room, Bacha Rai said that I have not taken possession of the land seized by

ED, the money that was recovered was taken from the students. Bachha Rai put forward some documents

justifying the action of ED and talked about going to court.

Bacha Rai was jailed in 2016 in topper scam

Let us tell you that after the case of topper scam came to light in 2016, ED had confiscated Bacha Rai's land on

the charges of earning illegal money. A case was registered at Bhagwanpur police station accusing Bacha Rai of

re-occupying the land seized by ED and constructing a college building. After this, when ED officials raided

Bacha Rai's college and residence, Rs 3 crore in cash was recovered from there. In the famous topper scam of

2016 in Bihar, Vishun Rai college Principal amit Kumar alias Bacha Rai was sent to jail considering him as the

mastermind. ED had also confiscated his property.

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