Central government's answer to the question of MP Ravikumar!?

Ravikumar mp said that there are 26,80,214 cottages in tamil Nadu. The central government has answered the question in Parliament. In the parliamentary Lok Sabha, "Does the government have a plan to increase the amount of houses built in the Prime Minister's house Building Project in line with the rise in prices?" If so give details?; Report year-wise amount provided by the Union government to the government of tamil Nadu for the Prime Minister's house Construction Project from 2015 to 2022; How many cottages are there in India? State wise details?” Villupuram mp asked these questions. ravikumar was waking up.

Union minister of State for Rural Development Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti has responded to this. In it, "The Union government has extended the Prime Minister's house Construction Project till march 2024. Under this, a target of 2.95 crore houses has been set across India. At present, the government has no plan to increase the amount for housing," he said.

The minister has given the details of the amount given to tamil Nadu and the details of how many cottages there are state wise in India. According to the details given by him, it has been revealed that a total of Rs 3,536.92 crore has been given to tamil Nadu in six years from 2016-2017 to 2021-2022.

The number of slums in each state is given as per the 2011 Socio-Economic Census. The minister said that the target of constructing 2.95 crore concrete houses was fixed based on the statistics obtained from the survey. Based on the given table, the number of houses in tamil Nadu with both wall and roof is temporary is 3,71,382, and the number of houses with walls made of mud, bamboo, etc. is 4,45,459; It has also been revealed that the number of houses with thatched roofs is 18,63,373.

Ravikumar M.P. He said, "Union government will provide 60% of the cost of the Prime Minister's house construction project, while the state government will provide the remaining 40% of the cost. In this, those who are eligible to get a house in the government's housing scheme are determined on the basis of various definitions. In that way, the government has decided that a total of 2.95 crore houses should be built.” said.

Bihar is the state with the highest number of cottages in India. Second is Uttar Pradesh and third is West Bengal.

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