Is Modi running the parliament?: KS Alagiri question..!?

Tamil Nadu congress President KS Alagiri has questioned whether Modi is running the parliament or adani is running it.

Tamil Nadu congress President KS Alagiri, former Union minister Mani shankar Aiyar attended the unveiling ceremony of the statue of late former mp Kudanta N Ramalingam in Cholamadevi village of ariyalur district. Following this, in an interview given by the tamil Nadu congress Committee President who met with the media, the indian parliament accepts even if Modi is criticized. But talking about adani sends it out. Is Modi running the parliament? adani conducts?

If the state of kashmir is to be with india then that is the right thing to do. Except today the court has said that the President has that power. I am not saying that making such an arrangement is wrong. Modi is hiding it.

Dismissal of West bengal woman mp is huge anti-democratic act. We need to think scientifically about the rains and floods in Chennai. This is no ordinary flood. This was due to a huge storm centered over chennai and remained motionless for 17 hours. No state in india can withstand 17 hours of rain. He said that the DMK government has done the Migjam storm rescue work well.

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