Anand Nirgude: Chairman of Backward Classes Commission resigns?

Maharashtra State backward classes Commission (MSBCC) Chairman, Justice (Retd) anand Nirgude has

resigned from his post. Justice Nirgude submitted his resignation to the government on 4 december and it was

accepted on 9 december when the winter session of the maharashtra Legislature was underway. congress leader

of opposition Vijay Wadettiwar first tweeted about the development and alleged that the state government hid

information about it from the legislature. On his part, Justice Nirgude – who was appointed president in March

2021 – confirmed that he has resigned for personal reasons, saying he has done his best for the MSBCC, but

speaking about it in front of the media would not like.

What did congress leader Wadettiwar say?

Describing the news as shocking, Wadettiwar said that the nine-member MSBCC members were resigning one

after the other and the government hid the information that the President has accepted (Nirgude’s) resignation.

Earlier, two other members - Laxman Hek and balaji Bhilarikar - had left the panel accusing the state government

of interfering in its functioning. Now, after the resignation of MSBCC president and two other members, the

panel is left with neelima Lakhde, chandulal Meshram, Baban Tayawade, sanjeev Sonawane, Gajanan Kharate,

Alka Rathore and Govind Kale.

Congress leader made this demand

Wadettiwar demanded, “When the winter session is going on, why did the government not give any information

about this in the House? The government should explain in the house why a member and now the president of the

MSBCC has resigned. The MSBCC was recently looking into the backwardness of the maratha community -

currently on the warpath for reservation - and the resignations. The sequence has raised concerns among various


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