PM created a new definition of caste

To woo the upper caste voters, it has been decided to make veteran leader Narendra Singh Tomar, who comes

from gwalior Chambal, the assembly Speaker. Let us tell you here that during the madhya pradesh Assembly

elections, congress had tried to woo the OBC class by playing caste census. To counter this, Prime Minister

Narendra Modi had coined a new definition of caste in the country. prime minister Narendra Modi said that for

him the biggest castes are women, youth, farmers and the poor, whose upliftment will make india developed.

When these four castes will be free from all problems and will be empowered, then naturally every caste of the

country will be empowered, the entire country will be empowered.

What do political experts say?

Senior journalist of madhya pradesh Ravindra Dubey says that due to political compulsion, bjp has decided the

data-face of madhya pradesh government in terms of the traditional caste system of india, apart from the speeches of

the Prime Minister. After a few days, its more clear image will be seen in the cabinet of cm Mohan Yadav. To

win 29 lok sabha seats in madhya pradesh, bjp will have to take the help of castes.

Why did bjp promote Deora?

It is believed that once again the move of an OBC chief minister can give an edge to bjp in the Lok Sabha

elections also. Similarly, to maintain regional and caste balance, Rajendra Shukla, who comes from Vindhya

region, has also been promoted. Rajendra Shukla, who was made a minister at the last moment during the

previous tenure of Shivraj government, has been directly given the post of deputy chief minister this time. The

second deputy chief minister will be Jagdish Deora, who comes from the Dalit class. Jagdish Deora,

representing Malwa-Niman region, is considered a big Dalit data-face of BJP. There are 20 to 22 percent Dalit voters

in the state, to woo them, bjp has promoted Deora.

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