Mohan Yadav become MLA from Ujjain for third consecutive time

Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) has selected the new chief minister for Madhya Pradesh. bjp has elected Ujjain

South mla Dr. Mohan Yadav as the new chief minister of the state. Mohan Yadav has won three consecutive

assembly elections from ujjain South and in the recently concluded assembly elections also he tried his luck from

this seat.

Mohan becomes mla from ujjain South for the third time in 2023

In the recently concluded assembly elections, Dr. Mohan Yadav defeated engineer Chetan Premnarayan Yadav of

Congress party by 12 thousand 941 votes from ujjain South seat. In the 2023 assembly elections, Mohan Yadav

got 52 percent of the total votes i.e. 95 thousand 699 votes on this seat. Whereas his nearest rival Chetan

Premnarayan Yadav got 82 thousand 758 votes.

In 2018, Mohan won the election by about 19 thousand votes.

Dr. Mohan Yadav had also contested from the same ujjain South assembly seat in the 2018 elections. Even then

he was the sitting mla from this seat. Then Mohan Yadav had won by 18 thousand 960 votes. In the 2018

assembly elections, Rajendra Vashishtha of congress was at second place with 35 percent of the total votes i.e. 59

thousand 218 votes. Whereas Mohan Yadav got 47 percent of the total votes. In the 2018 elections, jai Singh

Darbar had contested as an independent candidate and got 19 thousand 560 votes.

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