Meenakshi Lekhi had not approved a question tabled in Lok Sabha on declaring Hamas a terrorist organization!?

Reportedly the External Affairs Ministry on monday issued a statement in the lok sabha correcting the name of the minister who replied to a parliament question on the designation of Hamas on december 8. A political row broke out on december 9 after minister of State for External Affairs meenakshi lekhi said she had not approved a question tabled in the lok sabha the previous day on declaring Hamas a terrorist organisation, prompting the government to issue a clarification that it was a “procedural error”.

As opposition parties latched onto Lekhi’s remarks and described the incident as a “serious breach and violation of rules”, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) issued a statement on december 10, saying the unstarred question “needs a technical correction in terms of reflecting Shri v muraleedharan as the minister of State replying to the parliament question”. “This is being suitably undertaken,” the ministry had added.

“You have been misinformed as I have not signed any paper with this question and this answer,” Lekhi said in response to a post on X on the issue. On monday, Muraleedharan laid a statement in the House, which was included in the supplementary agenda, “Correcting the reply given on december 8 to unstarred question number 980 by Shri Kumbakudi Sudhakaran, MP, regarding ‘declaration of Hamas as terrorist organisation’.” Ministers give an oral reply to starred questions. A written reply is given to unstarred questions.

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