Extortion demanded from Bageshwar in name of Bishnoi gang...


In the name of notorious gangster lawrence Bishnoi, cases like demanding extortion and threatening celebrities

are coming to light from different cities of the country. Continuous action is being taken against such criminals

and even the shooters of lawrence Bishnoi Gang. Meanwhile, an accused has been arrested from patna, the

capital of Bihar. The accused youth had demanded extortion of Rs 10 lakh from Bageshwar baba in the name of

lawrence Bishnoi gang.

Chhatarpur district police arrested

Pandit Dhirendra Shastri, the Peethadhishwar of Bageshwar Dham, has even received death threats. He received

an e-mail in the name of lawrence Bishnoi Gang in which a demand of Rs 10 lakh was made. In this case,

Bamitha police of Chhatarpur district has arrested the accused youth from Patna. The accused is a resident of

Shankardih village of Nalanda district of Bihar. He was living in Kankarbagh, Patna.

Sent to jail after appearing in Rajnagar court.

According to the police, the accused youth had sent two-three mails. A demand of Rs 10 lakh was made in all the

mails. He had also threatened to kill him if he did not get the money. On saturday (09 December) the accused

youth was presented in Rajnagar court. From here he was sent to jail. patna police said that on the night of

December 7, the police from Bamitha police station of Chhatarpur district had come. He asked us for help. The

accused boy was identified on the basis of tower location. After this he was brought to the police station for

questioning. Chhatarpur police took him away from here. The name of the accused boy is akash Kumar. He has

been arrested from ashok Nagar of Patna. police also said that the mail was sent through a special app. The

young man admitted that he had done it by mistake.

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