What did Chirag say on CM Nitish’s rally in PM Modi’s stronghold?


bihar chief minister nitish kumar is going to hold a rally in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, the stronghold of PM

Modi, before the lok sabha elections. Regarding this, Lok Janshakti party (Ram Vilas) National President

chirag paswan attacked chief minister nitish kumar on sunday (December 10). He was talking to journalists at

Patna airport.

Chirag said that no one listens to nitish kumar in bihar, he will go to Banaras. He thinks that the people of other

states would like to listen to him. What will he take to Banaras? bihar and Banaras are not very far. Chirag said,

don't the people of Banaras know what chief minister nitish kumar has done in Bihar? The reality is that

Banaras has developed. There is no temple like kashi vishwanath temple in Bihar. What is the condition of

Bihar's economy? Which model will nitish kumar take to Banaras?

Targeted at the demand for special state status

Attacking nitish kumar, chirag paswan further said that what were the shortcomings in the policies of the Chief

minister in 19 years, present his failures before the Central Government. bihar should get the status of a special

state, we are in support of this. When we or chief minister nitish kumar demand special status, he will have to

accept that in 19 years his policies have failed to increase Bihar's economy, infrastructure and people's income.

Chirag also said that you should have words and example to go in front of the prime minister and challenge him.

When the prime minister came forward with a claim for the first time, he brought the gujarat model. Which

model will chief minister nitish kumar take in front of him? It is not right to insult yourself.

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