BJP candidate Tej Bahadur Chauhan saved party funds?


In the madhya pradesh assembly elections, the candidates spent a huge amount but were disappointed, whereas

in the Khachrod-Nagda assembly seat of ujjain district of madhya pradesh, bjp candidate Tej Bahadur Singh

Chauhan defeated veteran mla Dilip Singh gurjar by spending an amount of Rs 13 lakh. . After this he returned

the amount of Rs 7 lakh to the party. In the assembly elections of madhya pradesh, bharatiya janata party had

given Rs 20 lakh each to the candidates for election expenses. The party had also deposited Rs 20 lakh in the

account of bjp candidate Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan, who contested from Nagda Khachrod assembly seat.

bjp candidate Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan said that he fought the entire election with just Rs 13 lakh, while

returning the savings of Rs 700,000 to the party. bjp candidate Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan defeated veteran

Congress leader and four-time mla Dilip Singh Gurjar. The difference of votes between the two was around

16000. Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan has also been the district President of ujjain in the past. Many examples of

his honesty and simplicity are given. Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan also showed complete honesty regarding the

expenditure of assembly elections. According to bjp district President Bahadur Singh Bormundla, bjp MLA

Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan has offered to return the savings of ₹ 700,000 to the party. He has given complete

accounts and details of each and every expense. The district President said that in all the seven assembly seats of

ujjain district, a saving of ₹ 700,000 has been made only on the seat of bjp mla Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan.

Information has been received that all the money has been spent on the remaining seats.

The highest expenditure was made on promotional vehicles

bjp mla Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan told during discussion with ABP news that his biggest expenditure was

on campaign vehicles. Apart from this, he used to go on election campaign in his own car with a vehicle. He

spread BJP's propaganda by talking to people from door to door. Tej Bahadur Singh Chauhan told that the 40-50

workers who used to go out together for campaigning used to travel in their own vehicles with a sense of

dedication for the party. For them, breakfast and food also came from home. He did not spend much money on

food and drinks in the hotel also.

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