Who is Akash Anand, whom Mayawati called successor..?

BSP chief mayawati has announced her successor during the meeting held in lucknow on Sunday. Mayawati

has considered akash Anand, son of her younger brother anand and the party’s national coordinator, as her

successor. This announcement by mayawati made it clear that in the coming time, akash Anand will replace her

in the party. Now the command of BSP will be in the hands of akash Anand, a glimpse of which was visible in

the last few elections.

Akash anand studied in London, he has done MBA from London. But his launch into politics took place during

the 2017 UP assembly elections. akash Anand has always been Mayawati's favorite, this can be gauged from

the fact that she has given more preference to akash Anand than her brother anand in the party. In fact, during

the saharanpur rally in 2017, mayawati had come on stage for the first time taking akash Anand with her.

Launching from Saharanpur

After launching in saharanpur, akash Anand's stature is increasing in the party every day. Since the last Lok

Sabha elections, his stature has been increasing every day. Since the last UP assembly elections, he was seen as

Mayawati's successor. However, mayawati made its formal announcement on Sunday. But akash Anand has got

this responsibility at a time when the party is going through its worst phase. The party's performance in the last

two assembly elections has been very poor. However, BSP had won 10 seats in the 2019 lok sabha elections.

But at that time Samajwadi party had an alliance with BSP and they benefited from it. But after the last UP

Assembly elections, the transfer of work in the party started going to the responsibility of akash Anand. In the

last elections, his role was very important, from management to deciding the candidate.

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