Family of three found dead at a resort in Karnataka’s Kodagu district ..!?

As per report a family of three was found dead at a resort in Kaggodlu village near madikeri in Karnataka’s Kodagu district on saturday morning. The couple allegedly killed their 11 year old daughter, following which they killed themselves. The man, identified as Vinod Babusenan, a 43 year old resident of Kerala’s Kollam, along with his 38 year old wife GB Abraham and their daughter Jane Maria Jacob were found dead at the resort, a report said.

Police, while citing a suicide note, said that financial crisis led them to take this extreme step. The couple were running a business near Kollam. The family had arrived at the resort on friday evening in an SUV and checked into their cottage at around 6 pm. The family went out for a walk around the resort after resting for a while. According to Anand, the manager of the resort, the family was reportedly in good spirits when they arrived. While out for a walk, the family went to a nearby shop before returning for dinner. Vinod had told the resort staff that they would check out at 10 am on saturday, however on the day when they did not do so, the staff went to check on them. One of the staffer knocked on the door at the checkout time 10 am but nobody answered the door. The staff team, thirty minutes later, again tried knocking.

This time, they spotted the family’s slippers lying outside the cottage, leading them to grow suspicious. It was when they looked through the window that they saw the couple hanging, a police official said. police have registered a case and are looking into the matter. Just a few days ago, a doctor working at the Railway Hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Barelli killed himself after allegedly murdering his wife and two children.

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