Putin lauds PM Modi for strong leadership, asserting relations between Russia and India progress!?

Accordingly Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted that India-Russia ties are progressing across all fronts, crediting prime minister Narendra Modi’s resolute leadership in the data-face of external pressure from “unfriendly countries.” He made these remarks at an investment forum, “RUSSIA CALLING”, held in Moscow.

“I want to say that relations between russia and india are developing progressively along all trajectories, and the main guarantor of this is the policy pursued by the prime minister, Mr. Modi,” Putin was quoted as saying by Russia’s news agency at the forum. Guests and participants at the two-day event included representatives from China, india, Turkey, the gulf countries, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Putin added that he “cannot imagine that Modi could be frightened, intimidated or forced to take any actions, steps, decisions that would be at variance with the national interests of india and the indian people.” “And such pressure can be felt,” the Russian president noted.

Putin revealed that he and PM Modi never even discussed the subject of external pressure. “I just look at what is happening from the outside, and sometimes, frankly speaking, I am even surprised at his tough stance on defending the national interests of the indian state,” he stressed.

The Russian president’s praise for Modi comes as the two leaders are known to share a personal bond and speak to each other over the phone on important occasions, especially about the ukraine war. India’s close defense partnership came under the spotlight after russia invaded ukraine in february 2022. However, india made it clear that it would act in its national interest on all issues, including the purchase of cheap crude oil from Russia.

India and russia have maintained steady relations for more than seven decades. In September, External Affairs S jaishankar underlined that Russia’s focus will shift toward the non-western world, especially Asia, due to the crisis in Ukraine. jaishankar emphasised the exceptional and stable nature of the India-Russia ties compared to other global relationships. He went on to argue that india will also be part of Russia’s calculations as it turns towards Asia.

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