The man made interesting doodles on the car's windowsInternet lauds him!?

Usually there is a saying that a good artist is not dependent on art supplies. Now a video that shows a person turning dust-coated car windows into a canvas is proving this adage right. The video shows a person just using his fingers to draw one-line figures on dusty car windows. His drawings are effortless but beautiful looking. At one point, the artist uses two fingers simultaneously to draw a figure of soldiers. It is unclear when and where this video was taken or who the artist is in the video. This undated clip was posted online by an X user on Wednesday, december 6. So far it has gathered over 3.9 lakh views and thousands of likes.

This is not the only video of dusty car artwork that has gone viral. A few years ago, a video went viral that showed a man using a paintbrush to draw a highly detailed and multidimensions portrait of a dog on the car’s dirty rear windscreen. The artist used shading techniques to make the dog’s portrait very real-like. The artist also used his gloved hand to make the unusual drawing. This undated video was posted on Reddit in 2020.

Reddit user wrote, “This guy is clearly: An unbelievably amazing artist; and an inveterate enabler. Really, he’s only going to encourage this behaviour. If I had a dusty car and came back to find phenomenal artwork on my window you can be damn sure that car is never being washed again." Another person said, “You’re legally not allowed to wash it ever again after this masterpiece is on it." Similarly, earlier this year, Brent Gademan, a 17 year old artist from Pietermaritzburg, south africa went viral for his drawings on the back of the windows of dusty vehicles. The teenager shared pictures of his “dust art" on data-facebook which began raking in likes.

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