South has almost always saved Congress, particularly the Gandhis!?

Usually one can understand why the family is euphoric with the telangana win. It feels that this is one region where they get accorded the respect that the North has not given them. Basically, what North denies them, South offers on a platter. Today, congress is in power in two southern states karnataka and Telangana. rahul gandhi is an mp from Kerala, while party president mallikarjun Kharge is from Karnataka.

History shows that whenever the Gandhis have floundered, South has been their saviour. The most recent case being of rahul gandhi where internal assessment of the Grand Old party had forewarned that he may lose from Amethi. This is why a safe seat was found in wayanad where it is almost impossible for a gandhi to lose.

So, it comes as no surprise that while campaigning for telangana, the party and political strategists thought it would be best to make most of the campaign Gandhi-centric especially around sonia Gandhi. Along the lines of Indira ‘amma’, sonia too data-faced the same adulation as sonia ‘amma’ in telangana the only state election in which she campaigned. It was sonia gandhi who announced the winning six guarantees in the state and issued a message to voters for telangana and not other poll-bound states.

Sonia Gandhi’s is considered to be the Midas touch and hence, the win is being credited to her. What many perhaps did not notice was the fact that new chief minister Revanth reddy arrived for the oath-taking with sonia gandhi in an open vehicle. There were multiple messages in this seemingly innocuous gesture. One, it shows that Gandhis and sonia ‘amma’ matter. Chances are that during the lok sabha polls next year, it’s this image which may be pushed to ensure that congress does well in southern states to compensate for the poor performance they are dreading in northern India.

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