Annamalai provided relief material to the public..!?

As bjp state president annamalai distributed relief material to the people affected by Cyclone Migjam, there was a stampede in the crowd as more than a thousand women gathered at the same time. Many parties like political party leaders and volunteers are doing their best to help people on behalf of their organization and personally in chennai from the impact of Cyclone Mikjam. On behalf of the bjp, the state president of the party distributed relief materials to the affected people of Annamalai. Then there was a lot of difficulty for those who came to the meeting and then to buy relief items from the meeting. He asked the annamalai party members to leave the meeting. However, as the party workers remained in the meeting without leaving the meeting, the public data-faced great difficulty in purchasing relief materials.

Also, the traffic was affected due to the public gathering on the tamil Nadu Housing Board road and the motorists suffered. In this case, due to the fact that the program was not properly organized, women and old people got trapped in the crowd. Those who participated in the meeting said that they suffered greatly due to this.

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