Due to the enmity, Congress’s game got spoiled on these seats

Congress’s defeat on these two seats of Anta and Chhabra-Baran districts was due to internal politics. Gehlot

government minister Pramod Jain Bhaya was contesting from Anta seat. Bhaya lost the election to BJP’s

Kanwarlal meena by 5861 votes. Similarly, the party had fielded former mla Karan Singh in Chhabra. Karan

Singh also lost by 5108 votes. BJP’s Pratap Sanghvi has won from here. The main reason for the defeat of

Congress candidates on both the seats is naresh meena of sachin pilot group. Both these seats are considered

Meena dominated. Before the elections, naresh had opened a front against Bhaya. naresh was seeking ticket from

Anta or Chhabra seat, but he did not get the ticket. After this he called a meeting of meena community and

announced to contest from Chhabra seat. naresh was not successful in winning from Chhabra seat, but he got 41

thousand votes. Because of naresh, meena voters got polarized in Anta seat also. Despite fears of spoiling the

game here, Pilot and Gehlot did not try to do damage control together.

Khandela- Khandela seat of Sikar district has also been lost due to the enmity between congress Pilot and Gehlot.

Pilot wanted to give ticket to his close aide Subhash Meel, but Gehlot was adamant for independent Mahadev

Khandela. Subhash Meel had lost the last election by only 4 thousand votes. After not getting the ticket, Meel

immediately joined BJP. bjp also gave ticket to Meel immediately. Miles won the election from here by a margin

of 42 thousand votes.

Chauhtan- Padmaram was contesting elections from here on congress ticket. In 2018, sachin pilot gave his full

strength to win Padmaram. Due to the enmity between Gehlot and Pilot, this time Padmaram was left alone in

Chohtan. Padmaram lost the election by 1428 votes. local equations are also responsible for Padmaram’s defeat.

Experts say that if both the senior leaders had laid the chessboard properly then Padmaram could have won the


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