Narendra Modi advised Opposition to not take out anger of election loss in Parliament session!?

Reportedly ahead of the winter session of parliament, prime minister Narendra Modi on monday advised the Opposition to not take out anger of election loss in parliament session, and adopt a positive attitude. “Mauka hai, mauka jaane na deejiye. May be people will look at you from a fresh perspective,” he added.

The advice comes amid rahul gandhi reiterating his ‘mohabbat ki dukaan‘ slogan that the congress leader has been raising since the Bharat Jodo yatra last year. bjp leaders have often dubbed the phrase as “PR stint”, as the “Opposition, in reality”.

Some had even highlighted the “inhumane” treatment meted out to some relatives by the Nehru-Gandhi family. The bjp leaders claimed that rahul gandhi has spewed a lot of hate against the motherland from the US and this is nothing new for his family and the party. Earlier, the prime minister had taunted gandhi over his phrase, saying that the Opposition’s efforts fail every time and then they harbour hatred for voters.

“…Someone talked doing ‘dil se baat’. Their ‘Modi prem’ is such that they see Modi even in their dreams. I can understand Congress’ problem, they have been launching a failed product repeatedly. The launch fails every time. The launching fails and they harbour hatred for voters. But PR people propagate ‘Mohabbat ki dukaan‘. That is why, people of the country are saying, ‘Ye hai loot ki dukan, jhooth ka bazaar‘”, the prime minister had said.

Union home minister amit shah too had taken a jibe at gandhi, and said, “There is one member in this house who has been launched 13 times in politics. This member failed all 13 times.” Amid PM Modi’s monday advice, the Opposition is already planning to attack the ruling bjp as their leaders met at leader of Opposition mallikarjun Kharge’s chamber in the morning.

The india bloc has decided to support mahua moitra and demand discussion on the issue. The leaders are planning to raise the leak of the ethics committee report to media before being tabled in Parliament.

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