RJD Reaction: Where did you get it from?, Minister Chandrashekhar questions


bihar education minister professor Chandrashekhar prasad arrived on friday to lay the foundation stone of

Islampur Vidyalaya Laranpur building, this school is built at a cost of Rs 273.57 lakh. The education Minister

was welcomed with flower garlands by the local mla and public representative. A large number of school

children also participated in this program. Apart from the local mla, many public representatives were present

on this occasion. During this, he retaliated on the statement of Giriraj Singh. He said that Union home Minister

Giriraj Babu (Giriraj Singh) has become capable of giving advice. Just look for his degree. Where did you get it

from? Hey brother, he keeps saying one thing or another.

'We are proud of great ancestors like Khudi ram Bose'

Giriraj Singh said that we are proud of great ancestors like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Khudi Ram

Bose in building this country. Martyrdom of Asfaq Gula Khan, martyrdom of Abdul Hameed, their blood is also

engraved on the soil. Such people become Sanghis, communalists and haters, hence RJD and the Grand Alliance

do not think anything about their statements.

Giriraj Singh targeted by tweeting

Let us tell you that Union minister Giriraj Singh tweeted on friday that 'Bihar government should immediately

ban madrassas. Seeing the condition of Seemanchal, it seems that neither religion nor wealth will be saved. There

are about 3000 madrassas in bihar, all of them should be investigated and progressive education should be given

instead of religious brainwashing. Apart from this he also released a video. In this he said that there has been a

flood of illegal mosques and illegal madrassas in Bihar. bihar is adjacent to the voters of bangladesh and the

voters of Nepal. This is creating a threat to internal security not only for bihar but for the country.

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