After 20 years, wealth and religion danger..., Giriraj Singh warns CM Nitish!


Union minister and senior bjp leader giriraj singh has given a big statement regarding illegal madrassas and

illegally built mosques running in Bihar. He has said that there has been a flood of illegally built madrassas and

mosques in Bihar. This is becoming a threat not only to bihar but also to the country. The government (Nitish

Kumar Government) will have to think about this in time. We have to think about the safety of the citizens of

bihar and the country. He said that illegal madrassas should be immediately banned in bihar and 3000 madrassas

running in the state should be investigated. Wealth and religion will be in danger in the next 20 years.

Union panchayati Raj minister giriraj singh has posted a video on social media site X. In this video he is talking

about the increasing internal security threat in Bihar. He said, There has been a flood of illegal mosques and

illegal madrassas in Bihar. bihar is adjacent to the voters of bangladesh and the voters of Nepal. Which is

creating a threat to internal security not only for bihar but for the country. PFI is active there. Along with this,

bihar has 18 percent Muslim population. In bihar, illegal madrassas should be closed and science studies should

be started in legal madrassas. Illegal madrassas should be closed immediately.

Wealth and religion will also be in danger

In the video released, he said, Nitish ji did a lot in the greed for votes. Now consider the increasing threats within

bihar and the country. If this is not done then in the coming 20 years, the wealth and religion of the people of

bihar will also be in danger. nitish kumar and Lalu Yadav will be guilty for this. I am saying this again and

again that you should get up from the habit of appeasement. Seeing the condition of Seemanchal, it seems that

neither religion nor religion will survive. There are about 3000 madrassas in Bihar. They should also be

investigated. Progressive education should be given instead of religious indoctrination.

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