Assembly Election: JDU and RJD bluntly on the elections held in five states


Before the lok sabha elections 2024, political turmoil continues in Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, everyone’s eyes

are on the election results of five states. All parties are making claims of victory regarding the election results. On

this, JDU National Secretary Rajiv Ranjan said on monday that congress will win in MP, chhattisgarh and

Telangana. This will be a victory for the I.N.D.I.A alliance. This is the contribution of Nitish Kumar. He founded

the I.N.D.I.A alliance. At the same time, RJD state president said that congress will win and it will be considered

the victory of india alliance. Everyone fought together. Everyone was united. Everyone was supportive. bjp is

scared of india alliance. She is going to lose elections in all five states.

Farewell from Center is also certain in 2024 – JDU

Rajeev Ranjan said that there is no confidence in the exit poll results. bjp will have a clean sweep in MP,

chhattisgarh, telangana and Mizoram also. The public is very angry with the work of PM Modi. Only the public

was cheated. Farewell from the Center is also certain in 2024. At the same time, RJD state president Jagdanand

Singh said that Tejashwi had said some time ago that the parties which are strong in their respective states in the

india alliance will remain in the driving seat, but everyone has to fight together. Everyone will support.

There is competition to take credit for victory

Let us tell you that the results of Madhya Pradesh, chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, telangana and Mizoram assembly

elections have not come yet, but the race to take credit for the victory has already started. The india alliance is

not ready to give credit only to Congress. After JDU, RJD gave a big statement.

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